Digital Advertising Dollars Surpasses Television – New Research Report

Digital Advertising Dollars Surpasses Television – New Research Report

Are you struggling to determine how much of your advertising budget should go to digital advertising? It looks like more and more advertising budgets are going to digital advertising.

In a previously released report by eMarketer, it projected that we would need to wait until 2017 for digital advertising spending to surpass television advertising spending. According to a more recent report, it looks as though the wait is over, and digital advertising spending has now surpassed that initial prediction.

The figures in this recent report, however, show 2016 TV ad spending will be $71.29 billion with digital coming in at $72.09 billion. Digital accounts for 36.8% of total media ad spending and TV is just a few tenths of a percent lower at 36.4%.

Digital Ad Spend vs. Television Spend

At Alaska Digital Strategies, we continue to anticipate this trend to continue in Alaska and across the country. Give us a call and we can help you plan and budget your advertising spend when it comes to digital advertising. We can help you develop a strategy and plan, set initial goals, develop a campaign, implement a campaign, assess and measure your campaign effectiveness, and meet your goals.